Thursday, Jan. 14 Class Notes

Group Time: What are our expectations for a class titled “Theory of Professional Communication”?

  • Technical Communication
  • Professional Communication
  • Technical and Professional Communication

What are the connotations that go along with these titles/terms?

Ceci: “When I think of TPC, I do not think of theory. I hope I’m wrong.”

Interdisciplinary – Kerri: seem to be a lot of intersections.

Abigail: Why is it in the English Department and not Communications (Studies).

We spent some time talking about how to learn more about the theoretical frameworks and how to apply.

Praxis – intersection of theory and practice.

Some theorists who’ve resonated with us: bell hooks, Friere, Foucault, and Burke, Lacan, Bourdieu, Sarah Ahmed, Halberstam

Thinking about Project 1:

  • Take a look at program homes and titles? Faculty listing as research interests?
  • What are the professional organizations?
  • Sites where jobs are listed: (job search site) – take a look at job titles in the listings,
  • content (in degree programs) – what courses are offered?

English as de facto lingua franca of the world.

are there still writing specialists? or is everyone expected to have solid/honed writing skills?

To what extent are profit concerns pushing these changes forward?

The common concern: technical/instructional documentation (for example putting a bicycle together). Visual rhetoric – picture only. What does it mean to be a “good communicator”?

Project 1: Mini Definitional Project for TPC (10%)

“This project 3 pages for MA, 4.5 PhD SS. Find out as much as you can about technical and professional communication.” (or equivalent if you do multi-modal work)

Your task: Using our class as your audience, help us understand what’s out there in terms of what comprises technical and professional communication (both from a workplace/industry point of view, and a from an academic point of view). Bringing your own perspectives and thoughts to this is important. Part of what you will be doing is researching and bringing us information but also we would like to hear what you think about what you’re finding. Are these terms or jobs or programs in flux? How are they changing, or used?  It’s okay if what you find, seems messy and complex. That’s the intent.


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