Defining the Terms

This week’s reading was quite enjoyable, except the one by Katz. I found it ironic how a lot of the article talks about how technical documents tend to work towards expediency, but the article did not. Not sure if the story involving execution was the best choice; maybe they should have looked for a better memo. Do not get me wrong, I understand somewhat why the memo was chosen, however, I became so lost in the idea that someone could produce such a document without emotion; I lost the connection I was looking for. By the end, I concluded that ethics does not necessarily mean morals.


In the Miller piece, I liked the excerpt ‘s “How Rhetoric Confuses Scientific Issues” definition of Rhetoric. Until last semester, I was not familiar with what Rhetoric was. Upon completing one of my courses, I somewhat believe that technical communications is not the place for rhetoric. I have always thought that technical documents are to produce only truth and information; unlike rhetoric, that I sometimes associate with a good sounding lie. Then again, I think of my scientific writing course I am currently enrolled in and think of how important of a role rhetoric plays in scientific writing. I think that it is best for technical documents to take the positivism approach. I would love to do further research into artistic proofs vs inartistic profs because I think there may be additional there below the surface of just hard fact and not. Also the article discusses the attempt to establish a subject matter in tech comm, and immediately my mind went to human resource. Before I attended this program, I always believed tech comm equaled hr/ training documents. So I thought it would not be difficult to develop an idea of subject matter to present.


Then, somewhat jumping to Rentz, he uses the term professional writing compared to technical writer. I believe these two articles may work best with one another with trying to establish what is considered to be a tech comm program. At ECSU, professional writing course would have fell in the lap of the business department. I am surprised I did not run over the Rentz text when completing my research methods assignment, as I was looking into curriculum development of HBCU’s.

Overall I think an overall concept in all the readings would be that tech comm serves as a place to “engage in any community.”




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