I am still not sure what technical and professional communication is. I have been trying to understand what it is exactly from the readings, but they seem to expand the idea rather than limit it. So, if technical communication is about logic and studying the contexts and conditions of a certain situation to effectively communicate a message or information, does this make any activity that is based on logical problem-solving act an act of technical communication? Or if it is about delivering information using variety of media and technology, does it mean that someone who utilizes technology to communicate is a technical communicator? I, as an English instructor who would study a certain classroom situation and based on different aspects of the situation starting with the students and ending with my own experience would plan and design to deliver the information in a certain way (maybe using technology as a medium of delivery); would this activity be included within technical communication? I am still not sure if I grasp the meaning of technical communication, and have been playing the receiver role; just reading responses and listening to discussions. But I hope with time I would be able to have a better idea and be able to contribute to the discussion.


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