Week 4

This week’s reading was interesting to me as usual because it discusses how rhetorical theory differs based on the application. Which one may think this is already common sense, however, in regards to technical communication, I did not believe rhetorical theory existed.

One of the major things I read, and was happy we disused was the critique on common sense. So many times, we think actions are common sense, then we think of our personal experiences and understand that commons sense is not always so common. I remember mentioning do we have to always wait till someone is dead to create the health document or do we do it ahead? I mention this, because I thought after class that not only the way the document is formatted or created seeks to critique common sense, but so does the act of developing the document is a critique on common sense. Based off the example in the text, why was it not common sense to make sure the particular document was created for the ICU?

In addition, even though we did not get to it, I took notes on the ideas of process, action, and reception. In addition, as I mentioned earlier, I am still in the process of putting things together in my home, so I thought of id these tools as I like to call them were accessed during the development of directions for my bookcase. And leading to another point in the text, how effective are documents. I often times wonder if organizations take the time to ask themselves if their document is effective. Or, going back to our previous class and think “ No, your audience”.


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