Discussion: Ethics, Contexts, Evaluation, & Genre

<created with Mr. Sterling James>

Part 1: Poster Creation

The class is divided into four groups, and each group is assigned a chapter from the readings.

Use the materials provided to collaboratively create a poster about your chapter with your group. Each poster should include the following elements:

  • Key terms and concepts,
  • At least two deep questions,
  • At least one golden quote, and
  • An image that represent the main ideas (of the chapter).

Page numbers may be useful points of reference, if you would like to include them. These are just some ideas of what to include. If you have other ideas of what is relevant to your chapter, feel free to include more.

After you are done, find a space in the room to display your masterpiece.

Part 2: Gallery Walk

Each person will receive sticky notes. Take the time to walk around the room, taking in each group’s poster. On your sticky notes, write a response to each piece. You may want to respond to one of the questions the group included, ask your own question(s), make a connection to other chapters or ideas, or comment on something you find interesting on the poster. You could also respond to someone else’s sticky note.

Before the end of the Gallery Walk, be sure to return to your poster to read others’ comments.

Part 3: Activity Reflection

As a whole group, we will reflect on the activity and readings. Questions we may consider include:

  • What interesting things did you notice as you read the posters?
  • What common elements did we notice among the various posters? Chapters? What differences?
  • What was something you expected or didn’t expect?
  • What is a topic- or content-related question you want answered?
  • What did you already know about these topics? What is an assumption that you have made about this topic?
  • What could you do with what you learned from the readings? Our discussion? How could you apply this information within this class? Beyond?


Brainstorming for Brent!

On Thursday, Dr. Brent Henze (the author of chapter 12) will be visiting our class. What do we want to talk to him about?

  • What question do we have?
    • About his chapter?
    • About the text?
    • About his research?
    • About his teaching?
    • About his career?
    • About publishing?
    • About his experiences as a graduate student?
    • About TPC, in general?
  • What connections do we want to try to make?
  • What ideas do we want him to leave with?
  • Other ideas?

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