Chapter 15+Chapter 19=Great Stuff

Out of our readings this week , I found chapters 15 and 19 my personal favorites. Chapter 15 focuses on the things Technical Communicators need to know about writing. As I read it, I immediately thought that technical communicators are great writers naturally, what more is there to learn But I then thought to all of the technical documents I have read in the past, and remembered how ineffective they were. This time, I did not go to the bookshelf, but to my previous experience as a server for Applebee’s. When we would receive new items, we would receive pamphlets on how to sell the items, what was in the dish, and all that good stuff. In addition, as you all can bet, we would toss them, because they were not effective in explaining the dishes or how to sell or present the items. Two of the key heuristics I believe would have aided whoever was in charge of these documents were; Category 2,Nature of Writing as well as 5, Knowledge and skills. All of them would have been beneficial, but I find these two most valuable. However, not just in this case, but also in international writing as discussed in Chapter 19. Side note; I would love to get more details on the situation with Alliance X . Even though Chapter 19 acknowledges culture knowledge as a key contributor to writing internationally, I think the nature of writing may shape this a bit more. In order to even think of altering a material to meet expectations, the writing knowledge has to be in place. Again, I have seen this play out negatively with putting together a chair. Even thought I think that may be more contributed to a language barrier. I also wish to mention I agree that when writing internationally, that credibility begins with audience, because they establish expectations to be met.(484). I am sure at this point, Pat and Alliance X may feel the same.


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