Week 6

With this week’s readings, I was able to develop a better understanding of how heuristics can become an integral aspect of navigating the demands of being a technical writer or communicator. Chapters 15 and 19 appealed to me the most because, as I’ve stated before with increasing awareness, I am one of those few in the program that seems to need practical application in order to process theory, and these chapters use heuristics in ways that create a much firmer foundation for me. The heuristic set down in chapter 15 offers super useful information about the demands of a field I have yet to really generate any experience in. It also makes me wonder if those who come into tech com courses with some previous experience in tech comm work have a considerable advantage, but that’s not a useful question right now, so I’ll move away from it. Many of the questions that are included in the heuristic, are questions that I would typically wait to discover by experience rather than asking, not because I wouldn’t want or feel the need to know them, but because I am perhaps to timid and afraid of seeming incompetent or unprepared. In that way, I may realistically be setting myself up to fail or at least struggle unnecessarily, so it is beyond useful for me to start processing that questions about expectations are not only acceptable, but also encouraged within professional settings. Beyond the limitations I personally have that this chapter helped to address, I was not too surprised that most technical communication involves a considerable amount of actual writing, and that that writing must be balanced between numerous projects. That is part of what I really like about tech comm job possibilities, and it’s what I love about taking and teaching a variety of courses all at the same time. Juggling multiple projects prevents a person from getting burnt out with meeting the demands of one, and the variety of needs those projects represent can force people to think and process in ways that might not be possible otherwise. That’s also why chapter 19 was so appealing to me. I love the possible of cross cultural work. Having an opportunity to have a reason to investigate another culture and develop new value associations based on such investigation may be daunting, but the potential benefits these opportunities present for developing better work and added dimensions in one’s native work seems pretty exhilarating. Beyond that, being adept at creating content for such a vast array of audiences and cultures can greatly enhance the process of globalization. Having the heuristic offered by chapter 19 also creates a better understanding of what, how, and wherefore needed to be successful in cross-cultural communication. I’m sure I’m not going as deep into these readings as I should, but I’ll be processing the information obtained in these 4 readings for days or longer, so…that’s just all I’ve got at the moment. Sorry for the slightly late post.


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