Haas & Eble

The introduction has me very interested in what is to come in the manuscript. I have always known that there was a social justice aspect tied into technical communications, but now I am excited to learn the how. I think it most certainly means I need to conduct additional research on what is a social justice frame, and how is it applied outside of technical communications. One quote in particular that stood out to me that let me know I was on the right path in my research focus was “These critical shifts demonstrate that the field of technical communication is deeply committed to revisiting and revising our relationships with communication, technology, science, and culture in responsible and reflexive ways that have had great impact on our practices and users.” It tells those who were not aware that technical communicators are much more than just the people who write instructions. But I think this quote also highlights how in the past, technology has been used to oppress certain groups, which I never thought of. I also ran over Miriam’s colorblind approach to technical communication, which I can’t help but wonder how is it even possible to do so? When I was initially introduced to technical communication, I never thought culture would shape the ideas and concepts present. However, knowing that this text was created with a social justice approach, I now feel that technical communications is much more universal than what I was initially introduced to.

Also, this may be a bit off. I like that they acknowledge a possible shortcoming of their text. I think that says the authors are aware of the work they are doing, and what the goal of that work is.



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