Hardy – Week 7 Response

Haas and Eble start us off by introducing the complex relationship between technical communication and globalization, and they argue that these complexities are necessary for technical communicators to interrogate (3). Further, social justice frameworks can help us examine distributions of power—and imbalances in that distribution—from the technical communication courses. Combining the pedagogical with the theoretical, Haas and Eble’s forthcoming edited collection embodies the interplay between various camps, such as cultural studies, social justice rhetorics, and technical/professional/scientific communication, and the relationships between local and global contexts “on the macro-, meso-, micro, and even—literally—the cellular levels” (9, 13).  Just from reading the introduction, I can tell this collection is an ambitious project; it might just even be groundbreaking. There are many disciplinary boundaries challenged, or even threatened, by this kind of collection. Furthermore, I can see from the table of contents that contributors have the potential to disrupt existing notions of TPC and extend its application to other contexts that have not been explored previously. Reading the introduction energized me. I wanted to shout Yes! Yes! Absolutely! as I read because there is a great sense of urgency communicated here, and the authors grab out at the reader and say Hey, you — listen, this is important work and here’s why you should care. So many scholarly works are humdrum retreads of old material and offer little more than a fleeting insight. But this work has vigor and a lot of driving power behind it, and given its editors, this project is in excellent hands. I hope that this collection has great success and is well received across the discipline.


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