Social Justice in Technical Writing

Maybe it is just me, but I see some type of social justice pattern going on here amongst our readings ( my OMG where is Spring Break sense of humor there). I thought these reading were assigned at a great time, because I am currently working towards completing a social science project for another class. I did not decide to take the technical communication route initially for the other class, however, I think I may find a way to include technical documentation. In the Agboka text, I found it very hard to believe that memo was considered to be a technical communication document. I believe it takes us back to question if there is a difference between a professional communication document and a technical communication document? Based off the way the memo was written, it is obvious it did not take the possibility of a missed relayed message. The first thing I noticed was it was in all caps, which I am glad the author took notice of. She mentions that the document is objective and has a dethatched point of view. Oddly, thinking to Cox’s piece, I believe several of the HR documents that are presented that aim to take a humanist oriented approach is objective and dethatched; Which I would believe goes against the purpose of the HR document in the first place. I also believe Agboka is right in the idea that technical communicators are seen as support professionals. Also, in her article I notice her mention the Aarhus Convention document, and immediately thought what was the difference in that documentation creation and the constitution. Seeing the document aimed to be “the first authoritative document that imposed on its parties a duty towards its citizens. (178)” As the goal of technical communicator is to produce words for actions, I find it surprising that there is just now an emergence of technical writing being sought out to cultivate social justice.




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