Music is my survival technology

I had so much fun creating memes and a Prezi as a response to Del Hierro’s chapter, “Stayin’ on Our Grind: What Hiphop Pedagogies Offer to Technical Writing”, that I wrote the whole post on it. Oops.  But connections to Edwards’s chapter are easily made.

I think it would be incredibly interesting to explore how the Critical Hiphop Pedagogy (CHHP; p. 254) and the five main elements of hiphop (p. 253) align with and/or could be made richer in conjunction with the five basic tenants of Critical Race Theory (CRT; p. 383-384).  It could also be fruitful to  compare how certain digital booklets and ciphers (that are create by others and examined by the class and/or those created by members of the class) socially construct different definitions of racism (p. 384) and how they are [not] examples of the crucial relationships between language and action (p. 384) and/or race, racism, and power (p. 382) from CRT.  If I had more time, I would like to apply the various aspects of CRT to the Activity Theory framework I applied to CHHP.  Good, nerdy fun.  🙂

Check out my Prezi to see how Questlove is a technical communicator, Beyonce embodies rhetorical velocity, and remix allows Biggie. Also see how Childish Gambino directly addresses the link between hiphop and technology and Activity Theory is used to think through CHHP.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 3.53.20 PM


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