Week 14 reading

Songs are a genre and a means of self-expression. Hiphop as a type of songs is also capable of serving as a means of self-expression. It is a revolution against privileging the White and an expression of the Black culture. Therefore, I agree with the idea that hiphop promotes social justice. Del Hierro argues that hiphop has been influential in the US society as evident by the spread of  the hiphop style of dressing. However, the influence is not only on clothing, but hiphop’s theme of promoting social justice has spread to even non-English speaking countries. I have heard a couple of Arabic speakers who tried to create hiphop songs to deliver some sort of message and bring a social problem to the foreground through this type of art. The storytelling nature of hiphop, I believe, makes it accessible to non-English speakers who can employ it in their seek of social justice. Language is a tool of expression, along with music, rhythm and DJ technology, hiphop has achieved success as a means of communication and expression promoting social justice.

As Edwards argue, however, language can be a tool of oppression. Language reflects thinking. A person may unconsciously express racism in their language. Language can be employed to promote awareness about race and racism. Edwards, therefore, proposes the Critical Race Theory as a way of considering professional writing a means of recognizing race, racism and power through engaging critically with language in a professional writing classroom. Discussion of race in a classroom can be a sort of discomfort. CRT, Edwards argues, provides an atmosphere of discussing issues of race without creating this discomfort and tension. It can be employed in designing syllabus for a writing classroom to encourage awareness of the connection between action and language.

Language, whether it is used in academic, professional writing, or hiphop songs, is a powerful tool for promoting social justice and awareness of issues of race. Language, therefore, should be thought of critically in designing a writing classroom syllabus. creating activities that direct students attention to issues of race through language use and writing promotes their understanding of racism and social justice, and develop, therefore, as technical communicators who would be contributing to the spread of social justice and elimination of racism in language, and maybe social practices as well.




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